Features In Development

Follow the River

Gritty Period Drama

A desperate young woman shoots her fiancé at the altar and escapes into the wilderness, finding unlikely salvation in the man hunting her down. A poignant and heartbreaking love story serving as an expansive landscape to explore the human condition.

Daisy Delivered

Romantic Drama

An agoraphobic graphic designer discovers a company that will deliver her the experience of falling in love.

Hidden Folk


A lesbian couple move their two young children from the overcrowded city to an abandoned rural cottage, craving a more sustainable life. Upon arrival, they inadvertently disturb sinister Celtic forest creatures, who stop at nothing to drive them off their sacred land.


Family Film

A young girl who recently lost her mother makes a wish on a star, and is visited by a mysterious dog who helps to guide her and her father toward healing and acceptance.

The Weeping Woman


A struggling single mother in a small town where children have continued to go missing is haunted by a ghost of local legend who drowned her own children in the river.

Under the Open Sky


An epic voyage across the desert lands of Western India with one of the last remaining nomadic camel-herding families, the Fakirani Jat, showing the gradual disappearance of a unique culture as government policies and modernisation devour their traditional way of life.

Series In Development

The Time Key


Four teenage girls stumble into the midst of a century spanning mystery where local urban legends intersect in a terrifying race against time, as they work to unravel long kept secrets and find a way to save their friend’s life.

Global Story Tellers - Emergence Films

Global Storytellers


An empowering anthology series that highlights underrepresented storytellers through both documentary and narrative filmmaking. Exploring different social, political and cultural issues that affect women around the world through metaphors in genre films.

I Am A Mother - Emergence Films

Mothers of Climate Change

Documentary Travel/Anthropology 

A landmark series following the journeys of 10 mothers in unique circumstances from contrasting countries around the world, as they experience their first pregnancy and birth of their first child in a world being torn by climate change.

Four’s Company


Four British-Nigerian sisters, with four very different personalities, are all forced to move back into their parents’ house in London when their parents suddenly decide to move back to Nigeria.

Digital Series in Development

Fearless and Fierce

Profile Interview Series

An interview series to profile and celebrate more diverse, female role models. In each episode, a professional woman, rising in her field, will speak about another woman in history who has been an inspiration to her, and helped make her the woman she is today.

The Roaring Twenties

Fantasy Noir Drama

In a parallel New York City circa 1929, where humans and magical creatures precariously co-exist, two sister sorceresses hold the fate of the fantastical community in delicate balance while they clash over a premonition about the stock market crash.