Who We Are

Emergence Films is a film and television development and production company committed to supporting female filmmakers and underrepresented storytellers around the world and exploring new ways to tell stories that showcase strong, complex and multidimensional women. We believe it’s time for women’s stories and perspectives to emerge more strongly in the entertainment industry and we are committed to helping make this a reality. We are currently based in Los Angeles, London, and Seattle.


Sienna Beckman

Head of Development and Production - (London & Los Angeles)

Sienna Beckman is a seasoned producer, whose passion has always been hiring more women. Living and working in Los Angeles for 10 years, Sienna has produced for NBC Universal, Scott Free Productions, Verizon go90, Fullscreen Media, Esquire TV, Refinery29, Prettybird Entertainment, Fullscreen Media, and Disney Maker Studios, among others. Her short film BIRTHDAY BOY was executive produced by Jean-Marc Vallee (Director of BIG LITTLE LIES & WILD) and is now streaming on HBO. Sienna also worked as Head of Production for YouTube influencer Anna Akana (2.5M+ subscribers) from 2015-2017 where she produced over 30 scripted scripted and sketch comedy videos, totaling over 12M views. In addition to producing, Sienna is an active member of Women in Film & TV UK and Times Up UK, and she hosts a speed-networking event series with WFTV to promote the hiring of more female crew members, creatives, and technicians.

Rachel Noll James Emergence Films

Rachel Noll James

Head of Creative - (Los Angeles & Seattle)

Rachel is the award winning screenwriter and producer of feature films THE STORYTELLER and DON'T PASS ME BY and multiple award-winning short film PARAMNESIA. She was also the recipient of the Silver Prize in the PAGE Screenwriting Awards 2015 and Best Feature Writer at LA Femme Festival 2014. Rachel wrote and directed the short film HALF LIGHT which received exclusive distribution through Seed & Spark, and a 10 minute proof of concept for the female driven Western FOLLOW THE RIVER which is currently doing the festival circuit. Rachel is also an active member of Women in Film and passionate about bringing the female gaze to stories and genres traditionally dominated by a male perspective.

Sam Jukes-Adams Emergence Films

Sam Jukes-Adams

Non-Executive Director, TV - (London, UK)

Sam has spent 20 yrs in TV Production. She has worked at the BBC, was Head of Production for Impossible Pictures, and later SVP of Scripted Production, NBC Universal International Studios. Working on and across development, financing, production and delivery of award winning content for both domestic and international networks (US NBC/AUS/CAN) and companies, ranging from science, (Horizon) CGI heavy Specialist Factual (Walking with Dinosaurs, Space Odyssey:Voyage to the Planets, Project Earth) and Drama (Primeval, Quacks, Camp, London Spy, Yonderland, You, Me and the Apocalypse, Glitch, Deadline Gallipoli). Sam has always been a passionate advocate for the development of talent and teams, and is a Mentor on the Women In Film and TV's annual mentoring programme, and a visiting Lecturer on the Producer’s MA at MetFilm (London)

Gareth Jones Emergence Films

Gareth Jones

Non-Executive Director, Film - (London, UK)

Gareth has been involved in the financing, sales and distribution of feature films for over thirty years. He has financed and/or sold international rights in over eighty independent feature films including Withnail and I, Mona Lisa. Nuns on the Run, The Man with Rain in His Shoes and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Gareth executive-produced Australian box office success The Hard Word and pre-bought foreign sales rights in Sundance winner Secretary. He has worked on the UK theatrical releases of several films including Open Range, My Summer of Love and Psych 9. Gareth was involved in financing and selling Noel Clarke’s 4321, teenage comedy We are the Freaks and thriller The Hoarder starring Mischa Barton. Gareth has concluded multi-territory deals with major studios including 4321 and Psych 9 with Universal.